Hot Tub Repairs Guide

Hot Tub Repairs! Every so often, your hot tub or spa will unfortunately encounter some errors and need a hot tub repair. For most of us, we just like to enjoy or hot tub and do not know much about how they work or even how to repair them!
As with everything, it could be one of a large number of problems, that all have multiple solutions, sometimes cheap, sometimes expensive.
My little guide should aid troubleshoot some of the most common problems and help you isolate exactly what is wrong, then either fix it yourself of call in an engineer for the hot tub repair.

Warning: Electricity is obviously dangerous, especially when water is present. Hot tub Repairs sometimes have to be made by an electrical or spa engineer to ensure correct and safe fitting.
Make sure all power to the hot tub or spa is unplugged before you start your spa repair. Turn it off and shut down at the mains also.

Basic Tools you may need for your spa repair: Screw Driver, Grips, Socket set, wire cutters, a voltage meter for checking ohms and resistance etc. Basically just a good array of basic tools, nothing too expensive needed.


Hot Tub Repairs

Your spas topside control panel will usually tell you all the most common faults. I have compiled a list of the most common fault codes:

PD – The spa is running on battery backup.
OHH – Overheat. hot tub shuts down.
FLO – Flow error, can be a number of different reasons – research needed
ICE – Water is far too cold to be started up
SN1 – Hi-limit sensor error
SN3 – temperature sensor error
DRY – The heater is sensing there is inadequate water flow
HFL – Large difference between heater sensors

Sometimes the spa will just say error, that’s when some manual fault detection will need to used. If your hot tub doesn’t run at all or even pump or heat, the problem is most likely to be in with the electrical system of your spa.
The most important and usually most expensive parts are the control box, pumps, blowers and heaters. The secondary and less expensive components for a hot tub repair are the ozonator, filters and the jets / Plumbing.
It’s best you take an organised approach to checking all these and eliminating the possible causes. If you get through all of these and still have no idea then you can always get advice from and hot tub parts company.
These guys can usually help you over the phone with advice, if not then it’s time to call an engineer.
sometimes even a damaged shell can caused problems, Minor damage to the hot tub shell, for instance a small crack that leaks water can cause low flo problems if the spa is not at the efficient water level.
if you do figure out which part its faulty and needs repairing then always shop around! if you call an engineer, he may try to fit
a part that he will supply, that can be twice as expensive as one you could buy from a dedicated parts store.


Air Blowers Hot Tub Parts guide – repair and removal

An air blower is consider something of a luxury when it comes to hot tub parts. The reason why is most spas come without them and they can easily perfrom well and give a pleasant bathing experience

Hot tub parts - Blower

without these types of hot tub parts. Repairing them and replacing them is generally considered to be quite an easy task to perform, even for someone with no knowledge on the inards and workings of a hot tub.
There will be no need for an engineer espeically after you have read this guide. These hot tub parts simply consist of a fan and a housing so it is very easy to determine what parts are faulty and if it can be repaired
or if it has to be replaced.


How to remove your air blower – spa parts.

Firstly take a picture just incase you forget how everything was when you come to putting the repaired module back in or a new one.
Now switch of all electrics, all the way to the main source. Working around water next to electricity is definetly not advised. Open up the cabinet and locate the blower, now remove
the air hose from the side of your heater. Unplug all cables and connections that are attached to it.Remove all bolts. Note: Sometimes the ground cable can be tricky to see, if you do not initially find it, then remove everything
else and slowly remove the hot tub parts until it gets stuck because of the ground wire keeping it attached, if you remove the blower too fast it will snap the cable and maybe damage the blower.

Now you have it removed you are going to want to unscrew the housing and check inside. If you need any advise or are unsure if it broken, then ring up a company that sells hot tub parts, they will give you advice
and if needed sell you a new blower. You should be able to spot and defects, is the fan free spinning or is it clogged in someway, check all the wires and connections, some may be lose or burnt out or even
broken. Are the air flows at either side free flowing without any restrictions? Most of the time you will easily find the fault by following the previous check list. If it not so easy to spot then it will most likely
be a replacment. Simply ring around a few hot tub parts suppliers and try find an exact model or an alternative cheaper model that works just as well.

VERY IMPRORTANT. If you do any diy repairs or fixes to your hot tub blower you have to remeber the hot tub blower gets VERY hot, meaning if you repair using glue or any tape they will eventually catch fire and set your whole spa
up in flames which will go from needing to initially repair one or two hot tub parts to replacing a whole spa and maybe the neighbourhood. I hope you liked my guide, please check out some of my other hot tub parts guides and check back for more soon!

Best way to move heavy Hot Tubs

Most hot tubs will undoubtedly be way to heavy for the average person to move and even too heavy for more than 6 men. When we collected our large 8 seater hot tub we had a bit of luck as the stockist

also had a forklift. The delivery was also going to be a problem but again we were lucky enough to be living in our new house on a half built new property development and the site manager was happy
to lend us his forklift. However if you don’t have easy access to forklifts and both points then you could be in for a bit of a rough time.

Obviously the first steps are going to be preping the spa. Drain all of the water and put the wires inside the cabinets and just generally make it as light and tidy as possible. Then your going to have
to figure out the route you will take to get it onto the loader. Will the spa go along the route easily, or will it need to be turned on to the side?

If you are buying a second hand hot tub or an ex-display hot tub then sometimes these are much heavier than brand new hot tubs. Why you may ask? Because some hot tubs cabinets are made with wood
and they slowly soak up all the water and become much heavier. I’m going to show you some brilliant ways to move cumbersome hot tubs.

First way is the jack and roller method. You will need a good few people to help you. Lift one end of the hot tub up either using a car jack or manpower and then slide circular fence panels underneath. Do this with the other side as well.
Now the hot tub can be rolled across the ground with minimal effort. The only problem you are going to face now is getting it on to the truck or over obstacles. You will simply need man power for this.
Sometimes the shear size and weight of your spa you could need anything in the range of 8 people or more because some are simply that heavy!

Another option is you can these small metal squares with wheels on them for relatively cheap at some DIY stores. Buy 4 of these and place them at each corner and you can literally move the hot tub
to the lorry or truck you are loading it onto by yourself. This is as long as this surface it will be moving along isn’t grass, mud, soft or stoney in any way

Your best bet would be try to organise specialist moving equipment like an arm loader or furniture trolleys. It all comes down to perfect planning and manpower. One slip or mistake will crack your hot tub shell
or worse then trying to save money whilst moving it just cost you more than it ever would.